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Willing Change teaches the power and purpose of mindset changes. Choose better thoughts and BETTER YOURSELF by making changes in your thinking and thus your character.

Willing Change is about making the changes that you want to see happen, to transform, improve, adjust your focus, redirect, and expand.


Willing Change was accredited by Curriculum Services Canada in 2013.




Use Willing Change courses for Continuing Education credits and for your personal and professional development.

Willing Change courses are based on these premises: 

1) Thinking can be purposeful. You can choose thoughts that support the changes you want to see or what you already have and want,


2) Real personal change is a change in character. Any tweaking, adjusting or transforming of character makes a difference in how you live and enjoy your life. Your wellness depends on it.


3) Thoughts > Actions > Results, otherwise stated as: Results are determined by Actions which are directed by Thoughts.

4) The use of case studies is helpful in recognizing personal beliefs, rules and their results because it is easier to notice in others what is right or wrong than to have complete self-awareness. Think of them as mental preparation for new situations and circumstances.


As an author, editor and educator I have developed many courses and case studies. Their value is evident in the success of the learners that have reached out to me.

I care about your workplace culture and your business goals. I can customize existing courses and create new case studies that are specific to your workplace situations and circumstances. 


We can work together. Let's talk!

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Jane Collins is a CPA, CA with work experience in an international accounting firm (audit and tax engagements), Canadian and Ontario governments (Income tax and social services), practice as an internal auditor (credit unions) and as a teacher of accounting and other business subjects (Mohawk College). Jane has been offering continuing education courses, workshops and webinars for over 15 years in business-related topics, productivity and innovative thinking.


Jane is the author of Willing Change, an accompanying workbook, Self-Employment Success, and two fiction novels, Perspectives and Perceptions, the first two books of the Inward Trilogy (Jane Vlasblom).



"Willing Change, is thoughtful, logical and straight forward. With the help of the book, I have implemented several changes, both in my personal and business life.  I am much more focused on my goals, and willing to accept change. I was amazed at how easily the changes happened once I changed the way I thought about things and let go of the fear.  I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking to make positive changes in their lives. Thanks Jane!"  

Business Owner

Deb D.

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