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Think in new ways, open your mind and stretch your self-concept, all in the pursuit of purposeful and forward-focused change. Examine what you really want in your life through exercises to open your mind and focus on your potentials rather than limits. 



Ethical behaviour is what others see. It is true that if required to, you can behave according to a code of conduct and—also have no desire to be ethical. To consistently behave ethically, more is required than reading a manual that gives instructions for how to handle most of the anticipated situations in a particular workplace. The person with ethical character has the intention of doing what is right and strives to do so, regardless of mandates. Ethical character ensures ethical behaviour more than any code of conduct.

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Productivity is achieved by setting goals that have purpose, creating efficient and effective action plans, and motivating  yourself (and others) to take action and keep going until the goal is accomplished.  Willing Change productivity courses are about accomplishing more with less effort. 

The newest addition is Mindsets for Quality Decision-Making  for anyone and everyone.



Thinking successfully for new and established business owners requires specific mindset changes as well as personal productivity and perspectives.

Learn how to: handle the personal transiitions of thinking about business growth, success and productivity; succeed in specific management roles - marketing, customer relations, money, administration and human resources; balance your life by integrating these changes into the rest of your life.