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Optimism is a mindset that interprets unwanted events or circumstances in a way that allows you to keep moving forward. Optimists see unwanted circumstances as temporary and limited in effects, and whenever setbacks do occur, expect to find a way to remedy the situation. They are well equipped to turn things around when necessary. Optimists believe they create good circumstances that will last a long time. Willing Change


As you think - so you behave. There is no getting around it. When you think  predominantly  in ways that promote wellness, life is more enjoyable.

You have the ability to think and believe however you please. Make the effort to purposely think optimistic thoughts of improvement, appreciation and contentment. With this outlook you are in a better position to move forward in your chosen direction—when you are clear about what you want.

Willing Change wellness courses and insights are here to help you to train your mind for wellness—at home and at work, with your family and friends and in your personal life. Invest in yourself by changing your mind to guide your behaviours and see new and better results.

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33 DAYS for

Mindset Change

Mindset changes take time. They need to be integrated into the subconscious mind using repetition and emotion. 
with optimistic thinking!


Know What You Really Want

The basis for purposeful goal setting is clarity in what you want. Taking the time to define your own desires for what to have, do and be.


It is difficult to see a way out of a difficult situation when you don’t add more information or insights.
Learn to generate new ideas, insights and wisdom.



Training your mind is simple. Just keep repeating a thought with feeling often enough that it becomes a belief. You can believe whatever you want so why not make the effort to affirm thoughts that help you to accomplish more with less effort, feel optimistic, and ready to grow?

Accomplish More with Less Effort - eBooklet

Setting purposeful goals to achieve your goals and having an intention to pursue them to completion, is the beginning point from which to use your time and energy to the best advantage.

  • Know What Your Really Want

  • Set Purposeful Goals

  • Set Your Intentions and Create Plans

  • Evaluate Your Progress and Adjust

  • Focus and Persist


A Week of Challenges

The mindset of "everything is getting better" provides an optimistic mood and lets you keep going in your chosen direction. By using the words better and improving often you prime your mind to look for and take actions of improvement.


A Week of Challenges

Bring the idea of abundance to the forefront of your daily thoughts and instill abundance beliefs into your subconscious mind. Beliefs of "many opportunities" "having much" and gaining greater awareness affect your self-concept and motivation.


The intention of the daily challenges is to explore and apply the idea of abundance in many areas of your life.

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