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Know What You Really Want

Focus on what you want
Study from Home or Office

STEP ONE of the Willing Change Model
is to know and understand your Needs and Desires

Only you can know what you want and what is right for you, so invest in the time it takes to learn more about your desires.  Willing Change


Most people believe that the changes in our lives happen to us rather than believing that we create our lives.  CLARITY helps you to create the future you want and to do it with less effort than you believe.  The purpose of this Self-study course is to help you to establish desired changes. Take time to consider this basic and important question:


What You Need to Know About CLARITY

Carry your own compass. The direction you need to move in is not always clear from looking at a map, and you cannot rely on others to know what is best for you, although they might be happy to tell you. We each have an internal compass to point us in the right direction and help us to find the right way for us. Know where you want to be, make plans to get there, and keep looking for it.  Willing Change

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Study from Home

Your course is delivered in 12 Modules via email, twice a week. You may prefer to learn everything there is to learn in a day but this course requires time to contemplate, open your mind and to let inspiration make its way into your conscious mind. Give it the time and effort it is due.

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Personal Growth

Knowing what your really want is an ongoing journey. Your personal examination of what you want to have, do and be is a challenging exercise in self-reflection, expanding self-awareness and self-DISCOVERY of your untapped potential.

Savour the exploration of who you are now and who you can be!

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You are the Designer

Most people believe that the changes in our lives happen to us rather than believing that we create our lives. You are the designer of your life and yourself much more than you know.

Find out how much control you gain just by setting purposeful goals that are based on what you REALLY want.

This Self-Study Course includes 12 Modules:

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