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Ethics in the workplace affects everyone

Fairness - Accountability - Courage - Effort

For the FINANCIAL Workplace

For the INSURANCE Workplace

Your personal code of behaviour for the workplace is a set of guiding beliefs and rules by which you choose to behave. You have beliefs and rules for behaving in the workplace now, but probably give them little thought unless there is a specific issue or conflict. You may notice them when you have a strong reaction to an incident at work, but you might not recognize beliefs and rules as the source of your discomfort, or for more intense feelings. 

Each Module includes:

  1. Willing Change Study Guide - Insights and Exercises with a guided reading of Willing Change

  2.  Five Case Studies plus exercises to develop your individual Work Code

Examine your current beliefs, open your mind to new perspectives, ask relevant questions of yourself and your workplace to design your own character-based Code of Workplace Conduct.


I so enjoyed this course. It probably took me the 10 plus hours but it was worth it. Once I started, I just wanted to keep going and turn the page. Thank you,  Bonnie Helferty

The FACE  of Ethical Character - Fairness for Managers

I must say I found this exercise somewhat challenging in a soul-searching way.   Doug 

The FACE  of Ethical Character - Fairness for Managers

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FAIRNESS - respecting others and treating them the way you would like to be treated


ACCOUNTABILITY - having a vision of what is right or wrong, good or bad and honouring that vision through your actions


COURAGE – moving forward with worthy goals of fairness, accountability and best effort


EFFORT - striving to do your best work, give your best effort, and to constantly improve.


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