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Fiction by Jane Vlasblom (Collins)

Book Cover Perceptions
Book Cover Perspectives


My first two adventures in fiction, Perspectives and Perceptions are part of a trilogy (Parallels is the third an in the works). It was both challenging and joyous to write in this genre which i refer to a spiritual fiction. 


Perspectives is the first book:

Gravely injured in a horrific car crash, a young mother floats in and out of consciousness while medics work furiously to keep her alive. Sage knows there is much left to do — kids to love, dreams to realize, mistakes to rectify. That’s when she hears the voice. As she hovers between worlds, it’s offering to help Sage make the fundamental choice between staying on Earth or going Home. As this mystical voice nudges her to an ultimate decision, she struggles to understand the purpose of her life. And Sage realizes that, to make her decision, she needs a new perspective.

The second book in the Inward Trilogy, Perceptions, picks up where the first ended.

Heaven holds its breath as greed, deception, and danger pervade the life of a young woman as she finds her way out of her bleak existence of isolation and illness.

The burden of struggle, experienced in all human journeys, manifests for the characters in revelations of dark secrets, a drug-induced haze, and cruel, callous control by others.

Unveil the mysteries of human actions and their motives as you experience the journey into new insights and revised perceptions.  This book is a compelling and evocative read.

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