T H I N K   S U C C E S S F U L L Y !


I wrote Willing Change to help others see that the biggest and first change we ever need to make is in our thinking. What we think directs our actions, guides our behaviour, and shows us who we are.
During the past year it seems to me that new thinking is more necessary than ever. The struggles that many groups face has come to the forefront where we find it more difficult to ignore.
  • The old ways of attacking ideas you don’t like or agree with holds us back from seeing what needs to be done.
  • To resist making the changes we see as necessary is a step in the wrong direction.
  • Criticizing, complaining and whining are our real enemies.
If everyone worked as hard to improve themselves as they do to indulge in these types of thinking, we would all live in a better world. It may not be ideal or perfect, but isn’t better worth working towards?
Let’s make a pact to be better – better to each other, better to the world, and better to ourselves.
  • Let’s focus on what is good now.
  • Let’s look within for our individual goodness.
  • Let’s purposely try to look for good in others.
You may need to start with the simple things.
  • It is good to have a cupboard full of food.
  • It is good to be surrounded by beautiful gardens.
  • It is good to walk in the woods or on the beach.
Once you have good thoughts, begin thinking about what would be a little better—then better yet—then much better. There is no reason to think you will ever get to thinking about best because there is always something better. That isn’t a discouraging thought – it is faith.
We teach what we think. THINK BETTER!

Webinars and Courses to transform your thinking

Webinars and Courses to transform your thinking

Willing Change webinars and courses are all about purposely willing the changes that you want to see in your life by changing your thinking into successful thinking!

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at work, school and home as well as for 
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As a facilitator I help readers and students to develop a perception of themselves, others, and the world that works for them.  I share alternative ways of thinking to reveal more of your potential!
1 - Create deliberate beliefs.
2 - Develop a success attitude.
3 - Expand your awareness.
4 - Give attention purposefully.
5 - Enhance your intuition.


Innovative thinking is more relevant now than ever. Since I wrote Willing Change 10 years ago, I have learned so much more about thinking successfully. The biggest change is my incorporation of more right-brain thinking. (Willing Change was written for left-brain thinkers - logical, orderly, sensible.) This change allowed me to write fiction (Inward Trilogy) and to teach innovative thinking.

JOIN ME through reading Willing Change, my courses and webinars to explore your personalized vision for success. 
This book was excellent reading material.  It really opened my eyes and provided me a path going forward in the right direction.  It all made sense and I look forward to implementing what I learned.   Michael

I enjoyed the book and can see that it would be of great value to many people. Indeed, I am passing my copy onto my eldest daughter as I feel that she would gain much insight into her own state of mind and how to channel her energies. With many thanks for an interesting exercise. Meredith