Your thinking creates your reality, in more ways than one. 
First it is your thinking that allows you to attempt to accomplish what you want to do; it directs your actions which give you all the results you see in your life. Second, it creates your perception of reality by filtering what you are willing to look at and therefore see through your focus. Third, it creates your beliefs and attitudes and therefore your moods and outlook for any current or upcoming circumstances and situations. 
You can change your thinking and any effort you put into directing your thoughts will serve you well. Willing Change courses are all about purposely willing the changes that you want to see in your life by changing your subconscious thoughts.  Since I wrote Willing Change I have learned of new methods for changing your thoughts and therefore your reality. 
Any change in thinking must be stabilized by developing new habits of thought and for most of us that means time, and repetition. For that reason I have developed, in addition to many self-study courses, several programs of daily readings, exercises, and inspiration to remind you of the changes you have decided to generate. They are delivered via email to help you remember to think about your thinking every day.



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There are many aspects to yout thinking.  The focus and perspectives you choose colour everything that you notice - or not - and therefore what you see and believe to be true.
As a facilitator my purpose is to give you something to think about - not to tell you what to do. I help readers and students to develop a perception of themselves, others, and the world that works for them.  I share alternative ways of thinking, responding, and observing. Discover within - more potential, possibilities, and joy of living!
1 - Create deliberate beliefs.
2 - Develop a success attitude.
3 - Expand your awareness.
4 - Give attention purposefully.
5 - Enhance your intuition.

Through my writing and coaching you can improve your inner focus by developing your attention skills and intuitive abilities. READ JANE'S COMPLETE RESUME