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As a facilitator my purpose is to give you something to think about - not to tell you what to do.  As a Focus Facilitator I help readers and students to develop a perception of themselves, others, and the world that works for them.  I share alternative ways of thinking, responding, and observing. 
Focus includes:
1 - creating deliberate beliefs
2 - developing a success attitude
3 - expanding your awareness
4 - giving attention purposefully
5 - enhancing your intuition
Willing Change teaches how to remove the doubts that fill your mind.

Through my teachings you can improve your inner focus by developing your attention skills and intuitive abilities.  You can improve your outer focus by increasing your reasoning capabilities and productivity.  Ideally both types of focus work together in synchronous harmony and that is what I want for you!  That is what my courses and workshops direct you to do through these three phases:
1 - RELEASING – The release or unlearning of the beliefs that hold you back.  The subconscious holds many thoughts that affect your daily life whether in decision-making or in how you react to a comment.  It is important to gain awareness of what your mind holds and to decide purposefully what you want to believe about yourself, others, and the world. The first step to changing beliefs is recognizing them.
The reason for writing Willing Change was to share my own experience of learning what my thoughts and beliefs were doing to me.  It was a constant surprise to me as I recognized some unexpected thoughts and realized they were actually long-held beliefs.  (You would be surprised to learn what you have been taught about money!)  You can read a chapter from Willing Change, “The Importance of Thoughts”.
2 - RETURNING TO BALANCE – In my latest course, 33 Days to Inspired Thinking, I emphasize the increase in utilizing the right hemisphere of your brain (RB). This goes a long way to reaching a balance of logic and inspiration that helps you in every aspect of your life.  It brings together much of what I have personally studied over the past 20 years as well as applying lessons from Willing Change.

This change has been an enormous life changer.  Taking time each day to connect with my own inner wisdom, which is available to everyone, has led me to great acceptance, allowing, and growth.  The number of occurrences of what I like to call magical events has increased and I have a new optimism.  It’s just a nicer way to go through life.
3 - REVIVING the way of life you were born into.  We all arrive with active imaginations and a “I can do anything” attitude which served us well as we learned to make our way in the world.  Of course mistakes were made, but then we didn’t stop trying to learn and move forward.
To move forward with an attitude of anything is possible – and my experience has shown that to be true – opens the path ahead for more wonderful experiences.  Someone once said, “Attitude is everything,” and the one we were each born with is still available; you can choose to believe whatever you want.
Personally, I have worn many hats professionally.  I have been a Chartered Accountant, business owner, and author and recently editor and coach have been added to my resume.  I have also written two fiction novels.  However, my greatest achievement to my mind (to date) is the authorship of Willing Change, a book that I believe can change lives in meaningful ways.  I wish that all young people had access to this book and to that end had it accredited by Curriculum Services Canada. 
Let me help you to find your focus! Buy my books and courses to develop your perception to include greater possibilities, create your own habits of thought, develop a better brain balance with the use of physical and mental exercises and enhance your awareness of your self and your place in the world.

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