Customized Case Studies

 Willing Change has many case studies and the many courses Jane has written over the last 15 years include exercises and thought-provoking questions about those case studies as well as many others. As a mentor for secondary school students she has written case studies for decision-making, student success, and purposeful goal setting.


Your workplace is unique. Employees, managers, business owners have relationships and interactions every day that can serve as learning experiences. To add to the experience, offer case studies written just for your workplace with more unique circumstances and situations that offer opportunities to develop insights and to inspire. What do you want your staff and co-workers to learn, understand, anticipate and expect?


Use the inventory of written cases to modify for your purposes or choose new details. Each case study includes questions and exercises to recognize current mindsets, open minds, offer new perspectives and develop character.


Contact Jane Collins to discuss how you can enhance the culture of your workplace by developing character. 


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