THINK SUCCESSFULLY with Willing Change
When I chose the title for my book, Willing Change, as when I wrote its contents, my intention was to get you, the reader, thinking. The word willing can be used as an adverb, to be enthused about doing something, but I think of it as a present tense verb – to make it happen and for me Willing Change is about making the changes that you want to see happen. 

WILLING – to make something happen
CHANGE – to transform, improve, adjust focus, redirect, expand

The word change means many things to many people and often has been given a negative connotation, but change is inherent in the words learning, growing, improving and transforming. To me change isn’t just about adjustment to a situation or circumstance, it is also about changes in character, what you have, and how you accomplish. Willing Change categorizes desires for change into: what you have,  what you want to do, and who you want to be as you make it happen. 

Step One in the Willing Change model is clarity in knowing what you really want and I recommend you give this subject your full attention. That is why I wrote a course to help you to do that. Many courses have been written based on Willing Change and I am sharing the materials in my webinars. Please join me!

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