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I have to say thank you for the great book you wrote in Willing Change. The insights in your book are very much in line with my way of working with clients and my own values. I have already recommended it to one client to read and will be continuing to do so. I feel it is a great adjunct to the work I do with clients, and will help reinforce the tools and techniques I help them to acquire.  I am now ordering 10 copies of Willing Change to share with them.   Rachel

Thank you so much   Jane for giving me the opportunity to review your course, Self-Employment Success.  I thoroughly   enjoyed your writing style and the exercises you gave.  In particular I   liked the analogies and case studies.  I certainly learned a great deal   and I look forward to referring individuals to your website.    Janelle

Self-Employment Success WORKBOOK

Self-Employment Success, is a Self-Study Workbook that offers a 12-session course of study that helps you complete your transition from student to service provider.  This course is based on the book Willing Change, which was written to show you the importance of your mindsets and how to change them to meet your needs.  Self-Employment Success was written to show you some specific mindsets that directly affect your professional business such as competence and excellence in personal productivity, management roles, and business vision.  Perhaps the most important mindset to develop is a healthy life balance that allows you to enjoy all aspects of your life.

Becoming self-employed requries new roles and new ways of thinking - EMPLOYEE TO SELF-EMPLOYED

    Employment seeker  to  Opportunities seeker
       Worker/Helper  to  Visionary/Creator
 Follower  to  Leader
Single work focus to  Work overview
   Plan short-term  to  Plan long-term
Motivated by boss  to  Self-Motivated
    Obey rules  to Make rules
       Limited  to  Unlimited

Every transformation offers lessons and experiences that offer opportunities to learn, develop, and grow. Welcome each transformation and choose the changes you desire.

Self-Employment Success, a Willing Change Workbook is a 12-Session self-study course that teaches specific mindsets that help new and established business owners to create a business vision, be more productive, and develop mindsets for success.  Specific business management roles are addressed as well as achieving a life balance as you integrate your new roles.

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Self-Employment Success WorkbookSelf-Employment Success Workbook
Willing ChangeWilling Change
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