Planning for Managers
Productivity for Managers
Productivity is about accomplishing more with less effort.  Simply put, to be productive, you need to set goals that serve a purpose you have determined, an efficient plan, and to take the required action and keep going until the goals have been completed.  Of course, quite often there are many roadblocks on the way to success of many of our goals.  Some goals involve more difficult tasks for us than others, some we feel more motivated to achieve, and sometimes we just have many other events happening at the same time.  As a manager, there are the added elements of relying on the abilities, motivation, and willingness of your staff.  A great plan is meaningless if no one sees the goal as purposeful or is willing to take the necessary actions. 
Productivity is achieved by setting goals that have purpose, creating efficient and effective action plans, and motivating your staff and yourself to take action and keep going until the goal is accomplished.  Willing Change is about accomplishing more with less effort. 

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