Productivity for Managers - Purposeful Goals
Productivity for Managers - Purposeful Goals, 10 hours of study.  The book Willing Change is required reading and must be purchased separatley.  Email completed evaluation forms to JCP and a Certificate of Completion will be issued.

Check with your Professional Association for accreditation.

  • Previously accredited by RIBO for 10 hours in the Management Category
Productivity for Managers is a series of three courses provided as follows:
  1. Purposeful Goals
    1. Understand wants
    2. Curiosity
    3. Focus and Vision
    4. Goals
    5. Intentions and willingness
  1. Planning
    1. Right work
    2. Priorities
    3. Action plans
    4. Time allocation – work
    5. Time allocation – personal
  1. Action
    1. Motivation – self
    2. Motivation - staff
    3. Procrastination strategies
    4. Handle disruptions
    5. Focus and Persist
 Note: Each course stands alone and it is not necessary to take them in any order.

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