Personal Productivity Series


Setting purposeful goals to achieve your true desires and having an intention to pursue them to completion, is the beginning point from which to use your time and energy to the best advantage.  Maintaining a focus on the work that your goals require and motivating yourself to continue your chosen path will take your goals to completion in an efficient manner.  Practicing these strategies will make you an organized person who values the use of your time and energy, has developed habits that keep you working efficiently, and most importantly, feels in control.


      1. Recognize and revise mindsets that affect productivity
      2. Gain self-awareness of your beliefs and values 
      3. Define productivity success for you

Personal Productivity is a series of three courses provided as follows:

  1. Accomplish More with Less Effort
    1. Understand your personal desires
    2. Set purposeful goals
    3. Plans and intentions
  1. Take Action
    1. Understand your priorities and do the right work
    2. Allocate time to work
    3. Focus and Persist
  1. Think Like an Organized Person
    1. Save time and energy
    2. Develop habits of efficiency
    3. Feel more in control
Note: Each course stands alone and it is not necessary to take them in any order.
Personal Productivity Series

Personal Productivity Series

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