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Jane Vlasblom Collins is the author of the non-fiction book Willing Change, which has earned the Curriculum Services Seal of Quality, as well as two fictional novels, Perspectives, and Perceptions, Books one and two of The Inward Trilogy.  Jane has written articles, courses, and exercises to increase productivity, make transitions easier, and generate life improvements.  Jane has coached, taught at the college level, and offered workshops and seminars.  Contact Jane directly if you would like to improve your personal facilitation of life changes.

33 Days to Inspired Thinking - a Wellness Program
The purpose of this course is to change you perceptions of the world, yourself, and others in order to open yourself to new possibilities, break through arbitrary limits, and to find sustained contentment and happiness.  Learn how you can choose your thoughts to change your world.
What People are Saying

What People are Saying

I wanted to let you know how I am enjoying your course. Some days are very in depth and I refuse to proceed until I’m content with the current lesson. Some lessons are a much needed review and I’m also learning new ways to challenge my thinking and outlook. In short I’m very pleased with the course and I will definitely recommend this to my clients and anyone needing an insightful boost. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for new material and courses you have to offer.  Thank you kindly for this course.
Kira Rideout, SE Coordinator
CBDC Emerald

Thank you for creating this course. It couldn’t have come at a better time in helping to clear my writer’s block and reinvigorating my creativity. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a change in their way of thinking.
7 Signs that you need more inspired thinking in your life:
  1. You sense there is a better way to live your life.
  2. You refuse to believe anything you can’t confirm with your physical senses.
  3. You limit or negate your own new ideas.
  4. You reprocess the same information over and over.
  5. You live in the past and cling to your grievances.
  6. You see yourself as less than others.
  7. You feel isolated and afraid of what others think of you.
33 DAYS PACKAGES - Try for 5 Days FREE!

33 DAYS PACKAGES - Try for 5 Days FREE!

Buy the 33 Days Affirmation Cards for $3.33

Buy the 33 Days Affirmation Cards for $3.33

Post the daily Affirmation and Power Word of the Day on your phone or tablet.


33 days is a time span long enough to establish new thinking habits.  Each day you receive an email with a theme for the day as well as ongoing affirmations and exercises to enhance the daily lesson.  The course has 3 PHASES:

RELEASING past doubts is the process of taking a look at the thoughts and beliefs that have been ruling your life and deciding which ones are working for you and which are not.  

RETURNING to balanced thinking is the process of shifting towards more right brain thinking and equalizing the usage of the left and right brain hemispheres.  Ideally the right brain provides new insights and inspiration and sends it to the left brain for processing to make the best use of the new idea, finding a way to make it work.  That is balance!  

REVIVING inspired living is the application phase of this course.  When you have a better brain balance you think in bigger ways and your tendency to limit what you can do, be, or have is lessened.  You will be able to see the bigger picture, set more purposeful goals and make better decisions.  This course is about discovering the BEST YOU!


  • LEADERSHIP THINKING - See the whole picture
  • SET PURPOSEFUL GOALS - Set sensible goals that work with the greater good
  • BETTER PROBLEM-SOLVING AND DECISION-MAKING - Greater insights offer more alternatives and solutions
  • ENHANCED INTUITION - Trust your insights and learn more
  • Self-awareness
  • Learn to change your behaviour
  • Reveal your hidden beliefs
  • Increase your productivity
  • Take action with less hesitation
  • Enhanced organizational skills
My Personal Influences

My Personal Influences

Wisdom is available from many sources and I want to share some of the names of those who have inspired me personally, and this course, through their teachings. You will find quotes and references from these past and contemporary teachers or notice their influence.
  • 40 days
  • Jill Bolte Taylor
  • Christian Larson
  • Penney Peirce
  • Vimala Rodgers
  • Hale Dwoskin
 As well research on the following subjects has found their way into the 33 DAYS course materials:
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Balancing Right and Left Brain Hemispheres
  • Enhancing Intuition
  • Manifesting
  • Brain Waves and their use – Alpha, Beta, Theta


CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION are included in Packages 1 & 2 for 40 HOURS of continuing education with a completed evaluation as proof of participation.


Each day your email includes morning and evening study that accomodates your lifestyle.  You can spend 10 to 15 minutes in the morning with the minimum lesson and you can choose to read further at your leisure.  The evening is a time to review the progress you made during the day and to assign tasks to your subconscious mind, just as some well known geniuses have done.  Willing Change WORKBOOKS have been utilized in the course and some are available in Packages 1 &2.  All participants can purchase any Willing Change Workbook at a reduced cost of $10.


Within the course several books are referred to the basis for the daily or further reading.  When possible, the readings will be posted on this page for free download.  

Your Forces by Christian Larson - Your Forces and How to Use Them is by Christian D. Larson, a New Thought Leader.  Included in this ebook is the Optimist Creed.
Discover the secret of success  The Magic Story


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