Jane Vlasblom Collins is the author of the non-fiction book Willing Change, which has earned the Curriculum Services Seal of Quality, as well as two fictional novels, Perspectives, and Perceptions, Books one and two of The Inward Trilogy.  Jane has written articles, courses, and exercises to increase productivity, make transitions easier, and generate life improvements.  You can experience some of her work for free below.  Check back regularly for new offerings.

Jane has coached, taught at the college level, and offered workshops and seminars.  Contact Jane directly if you would like to improve your personal facilitation of life changes.

Finding Inspiration for Writers
Join Jane in this workshop to be inspired to write and to develop your own personalized writing process.  Jane will share her own processes in writing non-fiction and fiction.  Learn how to engage yourown natural abilities to generate new ideas.
This workshop addresses the questions:
  • Where do the ideas come from and how can you capture them?
  • How can you keep the flow of ideas coming to you?
  • How to utilize brain waves for creativity
Includes Exercises:
  • To open your mind
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Loosen old thought patterns
  • Generate and capture new ideas
  • Better right and left brain balance
  • Writing without thinking

EBook Downloads & Links

EBook Downloads & Links

The topoi are a series of questions that can be asked of any subject. Keep in mind that not every question listed here is applicable to a given topic; as you use them, you'll find that certain categories of inquiry (definition, comparison, cause & effect, testimony, circumstance) are better suited to certain subjects.
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33 Days to a NEW State of Mind - A NEW Willing Change course – arriving soon
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