Willing Change is a great tool and reference material. There is a lot of great information in this little book  that I have to read at least once a year to stay inspired. I hope others seek the opportunity to read it as will. I will certainly bring it up in conversation.
I want to say I have enjoyed reading Willing Change and have read it many times over the last few years to keep me on track. 

Thank you so much Jane for giving me the opportunity to review your course, Self-Employment Success.  I thoroughly enjoyed your writing style and the exercises you gave.  In particular I liked the analogies and case studies.  I certainly learned a great deal and I look forward to referring individuals to your website.  

A PROGRAM For Business Owners, Managers and Advisors 


Small Business training efforts generally begin with a client who has a dream and a desire to succeed in business.  As business OWNERS we seeek insights for a business vision.  As MANAGERS we seek new ways to communicate with employees and customers, innovate in sales and production methods, and see the big picture.  As ADVISORS we teach the basics of business, help to make projections, plans, and financing solutions plus offer our support and encouragement. 

RELEASING YOUR INNFER INNOVATOR IS the most important help you can give your clients.  

The tried and true lessons offer reviews, information and methods.  Imagine how much more your or your clients' businesses will succeed when you can help to GENERATE:
  • NEW IDEAS for sales, production, marketing
  • more ALTERNATIVES for decision making
  • better SOLUTIONS to problem situations, staff, and customers 
Learn how to innovate in order to MOVE FORWARD.

When Willing Change was written it was for the purpose of sharing what I had learned to that time and place.  It turns out to be just the first phase, partly the second as well, in a transformation from simply sensible to being both Sensible and Insightful.

My formal education and training to be an accountant served me well in many ways.  There were many career and life opportunities it provided.  There were years of learning new skills, not just in auditing, but listening, communicating, co-operation, teamwork, and management.  The people I worked with and for varied greatly and I learned from all of them. My time teaching at Mohawk College was both rewarding and gratifying.  I worked with and taught people from many differing walks of life and backgrounds.  

At the same time I was changing constantly, maybe not quickly, but constantly, learning, growing, and yearning for more.  My transformation wasn't reflected in my work as an accountant but definitely affected my teaching and writing, a passion I acquired along the way. 
But I never turned my back on the lessons I learned that led me to be an accountant.  There was much left-brained thinking that went into becoming an accountant. Analyzing, organizing, interpreting, and reasoning were my strength and no one can say that are not useful in every day life.  But...

My mind was wandering towards other ways of thinking, seeing, perceiving.  With a different focus I changed my mind about many ideas that I held onto dearly for fear of ... I don't know what - being wrong, or imperfect?  The point is that I opened my mind and that has made a huge difference in my life, and that is what I want to share now, with this workshop.  


PHASE 1 involves the breaking of old patterns of thinking, believing, perceiving and choosing new outlooks, attitudes, feelings.  Willing Change covers that well. It explains in the language that accountants, and other left-brained people, can accept and hear.  
 is about perceiving in a new way by changing your focus and applying new ways of giving attention to the world, others, and yourself.  Because it employs more use of the right-brain, it is more fun and inspirational.  Because it balances the use of both sides of the brain it increases sensibilty and insightfullness.  It is amazing to me what I didn't know earlier, only because I didn't allow myself to see.
is the application of new skills of intuition and insight.  Ideally the right-brain generates new ideas and the left-brain accepts and processes them.  Think of how your decision-making and problem solving skills could be improved by the addition of new ideas.  The opportunities you previously rejected can get some consideration, perhaps adjustments to make them more feasible, and a possibility of moving forward.  
Here is a quick look at what each brain hemisphere offers:
judgemental open-minded
beliefs knowing
fears joy
analysis, reasoning intuitive revelations
focus on past and future focus in the now
limited unlimited
language visualization
separation harmony



EMPLOYEE WELLNESS creates successful employees who create successful products and services.  This workshop is an opportunity to assist your staff, management, and leadership to recognize more of their potential by enhancing innovation and intuition.  This workshop offers exercises for accessing more right-brain thinking, creativity, and whole-brain thinking.  Case studies reflect the addition of more alternatives in problem solving and decision-making.  Inspire your employees to generate new ideas, ways to accomplish more with less effort, new products and better services, and to be the best they can be!  

CONTACT JANE to give CROSS TRAIN YOUR MIND workshop in your workplace.


We all know that workshops can be inspiring and motivational and we can leave feeling great, but that feeling typically fades.  What you learned is not forgotten, but not applied as you initially intended.  That is why this workshop has a follow up email program. (Optional) In this final phase you have the opportunity to fully integrate the new ideas by using them in a meaningful way immediately.  Each day's email provides a brief reading and a related theme for the day with a suggested exercise to reinforce it. A simple affirmation is included to repeat during the day, keeping the idea in the forefront of your mind.  As well, there is a simple review at the end of the day to log results and further apply your new knowledge.  The morning routine takes about 10 minutes and the evening 5 minutes.  The suggested readings are there for a time when you want to further explore an idea that resonates with you.

Join me in my workshop and discover how you can vastly improve the quality of your life.  Learn more about what you want in your life and about your Self.  Jane
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Willing Change Quote

Willing Change Quote