AFFIRM with Willing Change

AFFIRM with Willing Change

Affirmations must become part of your subconscious to work, but you have a built-in filtering system that blocks new ideas - your left-brain. By-pass this system with words that the left-brain can't make sense of by implying unexpected and unexplainable change: sudden - luck - surprise! Try this affirmation for a happier outlook and see how you feel!


The questions that bring the most insight are the ones that you ask yourself. It opens your mind and it is a happy surprise when you realize you have the answer. 
Carry your own compass.  The direction you need to move in is not always clear from looking at a map, and you cannot rely on others to know what is best for you, although they might be happy to tell you.  We each have an internal compass to point us in the right direction and help us to find the right way for us.  Know where you want to be, make plans to get there, and keep looking for it.     Willing Change
From: 144 Transforming Questions for Entrepreneurs
In the E-Myth Revisited, M. Gerber describes the three people within each business owner and the three of you started a business together:
The entrepreneur in you had the idea to start the business in the first place.  As a natural innovator and idea person you had a vision of a business you could run better than anyone else, at least better than your former employer.  The excitement of doing things your own way, not answering to anyone, and keeping all the profit from your hard work pushed you into the first phase of business ownership.  This part of you keeps you going, motivating you with the excitement of using your unlimited potential.  New business ideas are exciting for the entrepreneur in you.
The manager in you understands how everything works.  Creating systems that keep it all together and supervising the technicians is the domain of the manager.  Ensuring financial reports are produced, bills are paid, and finances are arranged are important duties that cannot be ignored.
The technician in you provides the service or manufactures the product and wants to be left alone to perform the work. Expertise and pride in craftsmanship reside here.
What mix do I see for myself?
Entrepreneur_______%   Manager _______%   Technician _______%

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Innovative thinking is a skill to be developed as part of success. Consciously pay attention to how you think. What are your subconscious beliefs?
  1. Do you only beleive what you can prove?
  2. Do you know what you want or are you resigned to taking whatever comes your way?
  3. Do you have great ideas and dismiss them immediately?
  4. Is life a to-do list or full of endless potential?
  5. Do youexpect the best?
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