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Self-Employment Success WorkbookSelf-Employment Success Workbook
Willing ChangeWilling Change
Teaching with Willing Change
Willing Change has been accredited by Curriculum Services Canada. 

CSC is Canada's standards agency for the accreditation of Canadian educational resources. 
Educators who see the CSC Seal of Recommendation on a resource recognize that it has met a high standard of quality and is suitable for classroom use. 

OBJECTIVES of Willing Change Courses:
  • Choose thoughts and beliefs that help you to move forward
  • Move forward in a chosen direction for your education, career and life
    • Develop mindsets to move forward in your chosen direction easily
  • Develop an awareness of your needs, desires and preferences
    • Create purposeful goals based on your needs, desires, and preferences
    • Develop mindsets to support your purposeful goals
  • Learn to self-motivate
  • Improve personal productivity
WORKSHOP - Finding Inspiration for Teachers

WORKSHOP - Finding Inspiration for Teachers

Develop a new inspired state of mind!  Join Jane in this workshop as you learn how to engage your own natural abilities to generate new ideas.
  • Where fresh ideas come from and how can you capture them
  • How you can create a steady flow of ideas
  • How you can change and utilize your brain waves for creativity
Exercises progressively help you to:
  • Loosen old thought patterns and gain new perspectives
  • Generate and capture new ideas
  • Learn to improve the balanced use of your left and right hemispheres
  • Apply your new state of mind
Jane is an enthusiastic facilitator who enjoys helping participants to open their minds.  She has extensive experience as a business writer and trainer and has ventured into the sphere of fiction writers.  Her book, Willing Change, has helped many of her clients and students to advance their mindsets to increase productivity, ease transitions, set purposeful goals and make better decisions. 



Read about the objectives and learning outcomes of Willing Change and how it can be used within the curriculum of schools in Canada.


Many resources have been written specifically for youth regarding employment readiness, developing an attitude for success, and decision-making.  Included are several case studies, long and short to help students identify with the case study subjects. TEACHING YOUTH


You may be interested in taking one of the Willing Change Professional Development Courses to meet your requirements.  Check with your professional organization for eligibility.  
Jane Speaks

Jane Speaks

Willing Change is for me the culmination of some basics that I wish I had known when I was younger. I think in an ideal world children would be taught the importance of their thoughts as soon as they are able to comprehend the idea.  At the very least, from the age of 10, children can benefit from recognizing the impact of words both spoken and thought. In the first chapter of Willing Change two people travel down the metaphorical River of Life under the same conditions but with vastly differing experiences.  What I want children to understand is that their attitudes, beliefs, and assumptions go a long way to creating their experiences and ultimately their view of the world and how they fit into it. 

You may want to argue that children need to learn to live in the real world.  Reality, as I say in chapter 5 is different for everyone.  If you don’t agree, talk politics or religion with someone who has a differing opinion and you will be amazed at what they believe to be true.  We each use our judgements, analyses, and assumptions to determine the truth and then convince ourselves we are right. 

Willing Change has been accredited by Curriculum Services Canada as a resource in schools for goal setting, decision making, problem solving and dealing with change, but my intention with the book is to show readers they have so much more control over their lives than they believe, and that is great news!

       Your life can change instantly, simply by changing your thoughts.

After reading Jane Collins' Willing Change I found I developed a deeper understanding of not only my mindsets and how they affect my decisions but also how they affect the day to day activities and planning within my business. Tom

I really enjoyed your book and the material. It was thought provoking and made me re-evaluate my goals professionally and personally. Given the current stage in life (six years into my career, recently married), it was a great exercise.    

I cannot tell you how much help and encouragement I am getting from your book. It couldn't have come at a better time in my life.
Regards and thanks, John

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