Self-Employment Success WORKBOOK & Course

Self-Employment Success, is a Self-Study Workbook that offers a 12-session course of study that helps you complete your transition from student to service provider.  This course is based on the book Willing Change, which was written to show you the importance of your mindsets and how to change them to meet your needs.  Self-Employment Success was written to show you some specific mindsets that directly affect your professional business such as competence and excellence in personal productivity, management roles, and business vision.  Perhaps the most important mindset to develop is a healthy life balance that allows you to enjoy all aspects of your life.

Whether you are planning one day to become a manager, open your own accounting firm or other business, you can benefit from developing success mindsets before you make the leap. Your clients can benefit from your understanding of the changes they are dealing with on an ongoing basis. Be the accountant who believes in them.

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Self-Employment Success WorkbookSelf-Employment Success Workbook
Willing ChangeWilling Change
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