Hope prevails when heaven holds its breath for Alna, as greed, deception, and danger pervade the life of the young woman.
In Jane Vlasblom’s second book in the trilogy, Perceptions, readers contend with the burden of struggle, experienced in all human journeys, as it manifests for the characters in revelations of dark secrets, a drug-induced haze, and cruel, callous control by others.
BUT, there is still hope! Unveil the mysteries of human motives, actions, and reactions as you experience the journey into new insights and revised perceptions.  
Perceptions is a compelling and evocative read, and, just maybe, some morsels of wisdom will befall you, the reader.
What readers are saying:

What readers are saying:

A great book for any book club.  There are so many aspects to discuss.

Finished your book; could not put it down!  So when is the next one ready?  An excellent read; I liked your characters!!

I loved your book!  Certainly written from a different "perspective" but very intersting and well-written.  I will be recommending it.  Keep writing!

I looked forward to reading your book each evening and could not put it down.  I gives so much food for thought and inspiration!

Perspectives is the story of love, marriage and family.  As so often happens, that perfect scenario takes a turn for the worse as the husband makes bad choices. What isn’t so predictable is the twist set up by the author.  Another force is at work here and it challenges both the heroine, Sage  and the reader, to consider what control we really do have in our lives.   Decisions made by Sage, set us up for future volumes and some anxious waiting for the next book from this talented author.  
While I am typically am not someone who reads fiction, I thoroughly enjoyed your book and found myself looking forward to quiet moments when I could find a cozy spot on the couch to read about what was happening with Sage and her life review with Poloa. I look forward to the next book in the series.
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