So far I have worn many hats professionally.  I have been a Chartered Accountant, business owner, author, facilitator, and now an editor and coach have been added to my resume.  However, my greatest achievement to my mind is still authorship of Willing Change, a book that I believe can change lives in meaningful ways.

As a facilitator and coach my purpose is to give you something to think about rather than to tell you what to do.  You will find that to be true in all my writing as well.  Freedom is essential for happiness and one thing that no one can ever force on you is how to think.  My work is to guide what you think about by helping to open your mind and allow your innate innovation to inspire you.

I am very excited about my latest course, CROSS TRAIN YOUR MIND because it brings together much of what I have personally studied over the past 20 years as well as applying lessons from Willing Change.

Join me and my many clients and students in the work of having more control over what we think and to find inspiration wherever we may be or whatever circumstances surround us.  Self-improvement is an inside job - only you can do it.

As a speaker and facilitator I have
 received excellent ratings in workshops, online courses, and classroom settings. Students and attendants have included government, not-for-profit agencies, managers, employees, and business owners. Past teaching work includes credit level courses for Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario Canada and an online course offered by 21 Ontario Colleges.

What I wish for everyone who buys my books, workbooks and courses, attends my workshops or meets with me in a personal coaching setting is a new way of thinking that empowers, uplifts, and inspires greatness from within.

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