What Readers are Saying about Willing Change
What readers are saying about Willing Change:

What readers are saying about Willing Change:

I really enjoyed your book and the material. It was thought provoking and made me re-evaluate my goals professionally and personally. Given the current stage in life (six years into my career, recently married), it was a great exercise. 

I cannot tell you how much help and encouragement I am getting from your book. It couldn't have come at a better time in my life. Regards and thanks,

Jane's book, Willing Change, is thoughtful, logical and straight forward. I read it quickly at first reading and then went back and did the exercises. What I found out was that although I had wanted to make some changes in my design business for some time, I had been stuck for 3 years with the same ideas going round and round in my head. I hadn't been able to implement the changes I already knew I wanted to make because of what Jane calls, doubtful mindsets. I was able to use the book to rewire those mindsets with a set of personalized affirmations and an enlightened sense of perception. The book teaches us to listen to the chatter in our heads and then rework it to help you attain your goals. With the help of the book, I have implemented several changes, both in my personal and business life. I am much more focused on my goals, and willing to accept change. I was amazed at how easily the changes happened once I changed the way I thought about things and let go of the fear. I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking to make positive changes in their lives. Easy to read and understand, it gives the reader insight into their own personality and teaches us how to go with the flow and how to systematically make the changes we want. An inspiring book and one I will refer to time and time again. Thanks Jane!  

I wanted to thank you for designing a course like this. (Self-Employment Success)  It has brought many things to my attention and rekindled my desire to be self-employed again. 

I have to say thank you for the great book you wrote in Willing Change. The insights in your book are very much in line with my way of working with clients and my own values. I have already recommended it to one client to read and will be continuing to do so. I feel it is a great adjunct to the work I do with clients, and will help reinforce the tools and techniques I help them to acquire.  I am now ordering 10 copies of Willing Change to share with them.   

Thank you so much   Jane for giving me the opportunity to review your course, Self-Employment Success.  I thoroughly   enjoyed your writing style and the exercises you gave.  In particular I   liked the analogies and case studies.  I certainly learned a great deal   and I look forward to referring individuals to your website.   

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